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Tips After Waxing

Waxing can be a quick and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it’s important to properly care for the skin after waxing.  Learn how to look after your skin so that you can avoid common problems like ingrown hair, redness and bumps. You can make your waxing last longer by taking care of your skin post-waxing. So to ensure you get the best out of each wax, we’ve put together some tips that will help you maximise your waxing results!

Avoid getting the waxed area wet for 24 hours

Avoid getting the waxed area wet for 24 hours. The skin is very sensitive after being waxed, so try not to exercise or go swimming for at least 24 hours.

avoid hot baths and showers

After you’ve had your wax, you might be tempted to hop into a hot bath or shower to soothe the skin. But it’s important to avoid hot baths and showers after waxing, because they can cause irritation and increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs. 

Do not use deodorant/antiperspirant for at least 24-48 hours after a waxing treatment

After a waxing treatment, it is important to not use deodorant/antiperspirant for at least 24-48 hours.

Deodorant and antiperspirants contain aluminum salts, which are very irritating and can cause irritation to the skin after waxing.

The irritation can cause ingrown hairs and more redness than usual.

Wear loose clothing

When you get waxed, the last thing you want to do is wear clothing that will rub up against your newly naked skin and cause pain.

The best way to avoid pain after waxing is to wear loose clothing so your skin can breathe. That way you won’t be rubbing against any seams or roughness in your clothes.

Don't expose the skin to the sun

After waxing, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Waxed skin is more susceptible to sunburn and burns more easily, so you should limit your time in the sun for at least a few days after you get waxed. If you’re planning on going out in the sun during this time, use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply every two hours.

Don't touch, scratch or pick at freshly waxed area

Don’t touch, scratch or pick at freshly waxed area

If you have a freshly-waxed area, it’s important to avoid touching the area with your hands or anything else. The best thing to do is just leave it alone for about 24 hours.

If you touch or scratch the area prematurely, you may end up pulling off some of the wax and irritating the skin further. Also, waxing can cause redness and swelling in the surrounding skin, so you don’t want to aggravate this by picking at it.

After 24 hours, if any redness remains, there are two things you can do: apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel over your freshly-waxed area and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over that. The aloe will help with inflammation and moisturize any dry spots while the petroleum jelly will help protect against chafing and irritation.

Never shave between waxes

The hair that grows in between waxes is soft and thin, so it’s easy to mistake it for peach fuzz. But if you shave off this hair between your wax appointments, you will not only be removing the hair that would have been removed by your next wax appointment, but you will also be removing the hair that would have grown in its place—and more than likely, that new growth will be thicker and coarser than what you’ve just shaved away.

Keep it clean

To keep your waxed area free of ingrown hairs and bumps, it’s important to keep the area clean.


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