Lash Lift Orange County: Say Goodbye to Mascara!

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lash lift in orange county

If you’ve been searching for a way to enhance your lashes without the hassle of daily mascara application, look no further than a lash lift in Orange County. This innovative beauty treatment is not only reliable but also offers impressive results that last for several weeks.

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your natural lashes from base to tip, providing an uplifted and eye-opening effect. Unlike traditional lash extensions that involve glued-on extensions, a lash lift focuses on enhancing what you naturally have.

Benefits of a Lash Lift

Opting for a lash lift comes with a variety of benefits:

Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to the daily fuss of applying mascara.
Natural Look: Your eyelashes retain their natural look but gain a striking curl.
Quick Treatment: The process takes only about 60 minutes.
Long-Lasting: Enjoy the benefits for up to 6-8 weeks.

Oceren Skin Care Spa, located conveniently on Newport Ave in Tustin, Our Keratin Natural Lash Lift is getting rave reviews. It offers 40% more lash volume and comes infused with a Lash GrowthFactor Serum for superior lash glossing.

What to Expect During Your Lash Lift Appointment


Before the Procedure

Before undergoing the lash lift, you’ll have a consultation to discuss the look you aim to achieve. The spa will also provide you with pre-treatment guidelines to ensure optimal results.


The Procedure

Cleansing: Your lashes will be thoroughly cleansed.
Preparation: An adhesive pad is placed on your eyelids to protect your delicate eye area.
Curling: A special solution is applied to curl your lashes.
Setting: Another solution is used to set the curl in place.
Nourishing: Your lashes are treated with Keratin-infused serum for added volume and shine.

Post-Treatment Care

Avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours.
Steer clear of oil-based makeup removers.
Refrain from using mascara for a couple of days.

Where to Get Your Lash Lift

Looking for the best place for a lash lift? Visit Oceren Skin Care Spa for exceptional services tailored to meet your beauty needs. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, but you’ll also leave with lashes that speak volumes.

Our services don’t stop at lash lifts, we also offer:

Brow Lamination
Facial Treatments
LED Therapy
Acne Treatments

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to mascara and hello to gorgeous lashes, book your appointment today!


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