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This super charged “No Downtime” oxygen peel awakens cells and boosts cellular renewal and breathes life back into dull, damaged cells and prevents future damage from occurring.


Experience the collagen-boosting power of HydroPeptide Power Serum Booster for HydraFacial®. This super serum repairs and strengthens the infrastructure of the skin, while also relaxing wrinkle formation for a younger looking appearance with an added HydroPeptide finishing face mask for firming and brightening.


We specialize in anti-aging treatments that firm, reduce wrinkles, and turn back the clock. We customize our facials and treatments to meet the specific needs of every client.

acne breakouts

Our Oceren Clear facial is great for anyone with occasional breakouts. For those with constant acne struggles with recommend our Face Reality Acne Program.


Keeping your skin hydrated is a must to control all types of skin issues. Regular facials can prevent skin damage, keep pores clean with regular blackhead extractions, and promote skin renewal.

What Our Clients Say About Us
I had a wonderful experience. This spa is a family owned business which I highly support! Maddie did an impeccable job with my microdermabrasion facial. My face feels soft and clean.

I will be back again!

Katrina L
My wife and I are so fortunate to have found Oceren. The spa is absolutely gorgeous and the experience is top notch. The first time I walked in I thought I was in a luxury resort spa on the coast! The service provide and products used for the facials will want you coming back monthly.
Dan R
I absolutely love the staff. They're educated and extremely hospitable. The treatments are amazing and the environment is so welcoming.

I definitely recommend this place for skin treatments.

Samantha H