Glo2Facial Glam Treatment

Glo2facial AT Oceren Skin Care Spa

What is Glo2Facial Glam Treatment?

Glo2facial has been making waves in the skincare industry, with many saying that it is the reason why their skin has dramatically improved. However, it can be intimidating to understand what this treatment is all about. Before you get a Glo2Facial Glam Treatment, though, it is important to understand what it is and how it works to give you answers to your questions and concerns. To know more about the Glo2Facial Glam Treatment and why experts claim that it works wonders on the skin, keep reading.

How does Glo2Facial Glam Treatment works?

Glo2Facial Glam Treatment is a treatment that uses the Glo2facial Glam OxyPod that reacts with Geneo Primer Gel blended with Gold Flakes which increases skin elasticity and helps prevent loss of collagen to visibly plump, lift, and firm the skin, Silk Amino Acids that strengthens the skin barrier, moisturizes and speeds up cell function to help visibly reduce signs of aging, and Copper a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant involved in collagen synthesis, treating scarring or pigmentation, softening fine lines and skin regeneration as well as inhibits damage from extrinsic stressors/pollutants.

Combining these three advanced ingredients, Glam OxyPod creates a CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface where the body responds by sending a surge of oxygen to the skin, which creates ideal conditions to nourish the skin from the inside and out. It’s a non-surgical procedure to help you achieve smoother, and younger-looking skin.

It Enhances Collagen Regeneration.

Glo2Facial Glam Treatment is the best way to give your skin a boost. It works by promoting collagen regeneration, which means it speeds up cell turnover to allow the skin to better repair itself after being damaged.

Improves Elasticity.

Glo2Facial Glam Treatment is a revolutionary new product that improves the elasticity of your skin. It does this by strengthening the skin barrier, which protects against free radicals that cause wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

Increases Moisture.

Glo2Facial Glam Treatment contains a hydrating blend of vitamins to smooth and support a plump, supple texture. Moisture is the first thing to evaporate when you’re dehydrated and it’s what your skin needs to look good. 

Who can benefit from Glo2Facial Glam Treatment?

Glo2Facial Glam Treatment is best for anyone who wants to prevent and reduce early signs of aging, as well as anyone looking to boost and enhance the skin barrier.

It boosts and enhances the skin barrier to prevent loss of collagen and moisture. It reveals a more supple texture, which is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


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